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XLAN 1500
Category 7a · 1500 MHz 

XLAN 1500


Data cable for analogue and digital signal transmission in the frequency range up to 1500 MHz. It is designed for primary (campus), secondary (riser) and tertiary (horizontal) wiring.
Use: IEEE 802.3; 10/100/1000/10GBase-T; FDDI, broadband, video, ISDN, ATM, Multimedia, PoE


Conductor: copper, solid, bare, AWG 22/1

Core insulation: SFS-PE

Core identification: wh-bu, wh-or, wh-gn, wh-bn

Core stranding: cores twisted to layers

Shielded pairs: each pair one layer plastic laminated aluminium foil; drain wire optional

Screen: tinned copper wire braid

Sheath: PVC or halogen-free compound (FRNC); colour: yellow RAL 1021